What Is Overpronation?


What Is Overpronation?


Do you suffer from overpronation? If so are you familiar with what causes it? Do you know what it is? If not then let me explain. Overpronation simply means that when you step your foot rolls to the inside. So instead of having your weight balanced at the center front of your foot, your weight is balanced near the big toe. So what is the cause? The most common cause of overpronation is fallen arches, or more commonly known as flat feet. This can be a problem because without your arch acting as a spring, there is nothing to prevent your foot from rolling inward.

The affects of overpronating can be severe. Having your foot roll inward means that your ankle is having to bare weight while twisted. This can cause things like heel spurs or Achilles tendon. Overpronating also causes your knee to twist along with your foot.  Read more…

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