What Running Shoes Are Good For Pronation?


What Running Shoes Are Good For Pronation


What Running Shoes Are Good For Pronation?


Typically when you go into a running store to buy a pair of shoes, they first ask you to hop on the treadmill and perform a quick gait analysis to see what your feet are doing while you run. Do they roll inward just slightly (neutral)? Do they roll inward more than normal (over-pronation)? Or do they roll outward (supination)? And what do your arches look like—are they flat, high, rigid and/or flexible?

The salesperson watching you then uses that information to “prescribe” a running shoe that could help “correct” your pronation issues.

“Pronation is a natural movement that helps distribute the force of impact when you strike, and if you pronate normally [or have a neutral
gait] your loading system acts like a rubber band—it has an elastic effect and improves efficiency,” says Nike Performance Council
Member Lance Walker, MS, PT, global performance director at Michael Johnson Performance (MJP). Read more…

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